Who is Nadine Leonova

I was born and raised in Germany but spent my entire grownup life on the west coast of the USA. Having suffered for years from a hereditary chronic skin condition, which had me see countless dermatologists and use every steroid or cortisone cream known to man… I started to search outside of the conventional medicine box, wanting to be free of this itch and not just control it with medicine forever. I also began studying nutrition to help my body from the inside out. Plus dug deep into labels/ingredients of anything I came in contact with, from food to cosmetics.

My thirst for knowledge and a healthy lifestyle grew even bigger when I found myself pregnant with my first child. I really wanted her to grow up healthier than I did. Our pediatrician implemented homeopathic treatment into her care and this was my first introduction to this healing modality. Seeing how well it worked with acutes in my household I started to read up on it, study more on my own with the outcome that my children never needed antibiotics or anything of the like to this day, 11 years later.

Live a better life

My passion for Homeopathy grew and so did my success with treating us at home. I desired to understand Homeopathy in more detail and depth, which led me to the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy from where I graduated. I now hold a Diploma in Homeopathy. Over the years I had the opportunity to study with many great homeopaths like Louis Klein, Dr. Roger Morrison, Dr Jonathan Hardy, Richard Pitt, John Ourant, Dr. Farokh Master to name a few. I constantly further educate myself by visiting conferences, attending seminars & webinars. I am a member of the National Center for Homeopathy and the California Homeopathic Medical Society.

I love homeopathy and what it can do. I love being of help to people to live a better life, there is nothing more gratifying.

What People Say