“I would love to assist you and your family on this journey back to health to enjoy a better quality of life”

Nadine Leonova, D.HOM
Classical Homeopath

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Health is not only the absence of symptoms or discomfort, but an overall well being mirrored throughout body, mind and spirit. When we are healthy, we feel good and our bodies function as they should. We enjoy healthy relationships, being alive. We are able to make good choices and don’t suffer from anxiety, fears or depression.  

What I Can Offer


Your body needs tissue salts for cells to function properly. Deficiencies of these salts leave telltale signs on our skin. A facial diagnosis helps to analyze which salts you are deficient of. Wrinkles or sagging skin are not always due to aging and with the right supplementation will soften or reverse.


Homeopathy is a highly individualized system of medicine that considers and treats the whole person and not just the disease. We look at your whole symptom picture including emotional, physical & hereditary information to heal you at the core level rather than just surface symptoms.


Combines light therapy with acupuncture. Neurological disorders & mobility improve. Athletes are able to boost their performance/recovery time after injuries. Anyone can relieve stress/anxiety, boost their immune system/overall wellbeing.

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