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Our first appointment can take up to 2 hours, allow for ample time so there is no need to rush. Before the appointment, please take the time to download, fill out and send back to me via email the intake form, which you can find to download on this page below. This will give me enough time to review it before we meet. Appointments are available by video conference or in person. Included in the ‘consultation fee’ are necessary check-in’s by phone/email for a month following a paid consultation. Plus a check-in a week after taking a new remedy. If I have a remedy on hand I will mail it to you at no extra cost. If the remedy has to be ordered, it runs between $10 to $40 and will be shipped directly to you. Some remedies can be found at a local health store and cost around $10.

Cancellation and Office Policies: 

Payments are accepted by cash, credit card, Venmo, Paypal or Zelle and due at the time of your appointment. Please call or email me at least 48 hours before the appointment if you need to reschedule or cancel. For cancellations or rescheduling within 48 hours of the appointment there will be a charge equivalent to the appointment fee – unless I was able to fill the slot with another patient. Prices are subject to change at any time. Age 12 and up falls under adult intake, not child. Any referrals are honored with a 50% discount at your next follow-up session. 

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How Many People?

Maximum capacity is 1
15 minute consultation – FREE
New Patient Adult – 75-120 minute session $180 Starts From
New Patient Child – 75-120 minute session $140 Starts From
Follow up consultation Adults & Children – 30-45 minute session $85 Starts From
Follow up if more than one year passed – 60-80 minute session $120 Starts From
Acute care phone/email Adults & Children – 15 minutes $30 Starts From
Facial analysis for mineral deficiencies – 40 minutes $50 Starts From


Total Price
Regarding your consultation: 
We will discuss your health history,  how you experience your symptoms, what makes them better or worse? When did they begin? Is there anything that accompanies your complaint? I want to know about your energy levels, sensitivities, your personality and relationships, likes/dislikes, sleep, appetite, digestion, diet and so on. The more I learn about what makes you you, the easier it will be to find the right prescription for you. After first taking a new remedy please take written notes on your reaction to it. The more you can share with me about your response, the easier it will be to assess progress.  A follow-up visit takes place approximately 4 weeks after the initial consultation. Consistency and timely follow-ups in homeopathic treatment  are keys to success.