Nadine Leonova is one of a kind! She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her field and goes above and beyond compared to other homeopathic doctors I have worked with in the past.

She asks you about your sleep schedule, eating habits, routines as well as your concerns, issues, anxieties etc. I’ve never felt more comfortable sharing those details as I did with Nadine because you can tell she really listens and takes everything into account as each detail is important for her diagnosis. And sure enough Nadine was spot on and the recommended homeopathic remedy (just one btw, she didn’t push a bunch of expensive things) worked. My skin cleared up, my anxiety got much more manageable and my insomnia I had dealt with for years resolved. Needless to say, I now have my 11 year old daughter treated by Nadine as well. The recommended remedies helped my girl get through a bout with Covid easier as well as making her less moody. Nadines also had great advise for us about detoxing after we had to give my girl some mandatory vaccines. Overall I would always consult with Nadine first over any other doctor, regardless if the issue is physical or emotional as she takes in the whole person and finds a remedy that doesn’t just patch things up but heals on every level. -K.L.

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